Daniela Katzenberger threw a pink party on the occasion of her 36th birthday


Daniela Katzenberger remains true to herself, having another year under her belt. The blonde first appeared on TV screens in 2009. Since then, awareness of Goodbye Deutschland has become an integral part of the television world. First of all, her preference for pink and light brown hair became her calling card. And it doesn’t change with age either: Dani celebrated her 36th birthday with a bright pink party.

The influencer shared numerous impressions with her fans on Instagram: the celebrations took place at the house of her mother Iris (55 years old), which was specially decorated in different shades of pink and pink. But not only the decoration was designed in Daniela’s favorite color. Food and drinks were also painted pink. The motto also touched on the dress code – both the iconic blonde and her guests appeared in bright outfits.

The fact that she has become a year older does not seem to bother her daughter’s mother. Dani made it clear last year that she has no problems with aging. “To be honest, I’m more scared of the fact that I’ve been in this business for 15 years,” she wrote on Instagram on her birthday.


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