Daniel Snyder conducted a “Shadow investigation& According to the House Oversight Committee – The Spun: What’s trending in the sports world today


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will meet with the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday. However, before taking the stand, he received some rather disturbing accusations against Washington Commands owner Daniel Snyder.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives announced that Snyder had conducted a “shadow investigation” into allegations that he had created a toxic work environment in his team. According to ESPN, the purpose of this separate investigation was to conceal any results of their official internal investigation.

The revelation came in a 29-page memo that the House of Representatives shared this morning when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell appeared before them to give his testimony.

But the shadow investigation was not the only thing disclosed in the memorandum. Their evidence suggests that Snyder used his connections to obtain evidence he could present to the NFL, suggesting that former team president Bruce Allen was to blame for the toxic work environment.

Predictably, Snyder’s shadowy investigation also targeted former employees who spoke out about a toxic culture. Apparently, he worked with the NFL to direct the investigation conducted by Beth Wilkinson to discredit his accusers with “derogatory information about them.”

Snyder’s lawyers presented 100 slides, which also included information about Washington Post reporters, the NFL and Wilkinson’s team, according to the memo, with the aim of “compiling an exculpatory narrative to represent the NFL, showing that he is not responsible for the crime.” The toxic working environment of the commanders, but instead he became the victim of a coordinated smear campaign.”

This is another bad look at Daniel Snyder and the NFL, given their supposed role here.

Despite all this, Snyder refused to testify before Congress.

But it seems that he still has something to answer for.