Daniel Radcliffe told Kelly Clarkson about one place he was always worried about and ran into huge Harry Potter fans


Whatever else Daniel Radcliffe does in his career, he will always be Harry Potter for millions. The good news is that the actor seems to generally agree that he is part of a massive franchise. However, Radcliffe says there is one place he tries not to get too close to, but still passes by from time to time: the Harry Potter store in New York.

Daniel Radcliffe recently appeared on the Kelly Clarkson show, where he talked about the special Harry Potter reunion and how nice it was for him, as well as about the incredible “Magical World of Harry Potter” theme park at Universal Orlando Resort. Radcliffe says he hasn’t been to Universal Orlando since the grand opening of Earth, so there’s no chance anyone will be next to him in Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. However, he says that there is one place related to Harry Potter that he visits, but then tries to leave quickly. He explained…

They have just opened a huge Harry Potter store in New York. And I’ll walk by and suddenly get there, like, “Oh no, I’m here, I shouldn’t be here very fast, I have to run before someone sees me.”

Daniel Radcliffe lives in New York, and while it’s a pretty big city, it looks like the actor has at least one friend who lives near Harry Potter in New York, the flagship store where Harry Potter fans can buy just about anything related to their favorite franchise. For this reason, Radcliffe found himself walking past him when he went to visit them. But when he discovers he’s there, his first reaction is to get the hell out. But given the iconography of the franchise, who can blame him?

I’m not sure anyone would blame him. While the actor seems to be happy with communicating with fans in general, and Radcliffe has found a strategy to deal with the paparazzi, there will be times when he won’t want to deal with all this, and walking down a New York street is probably one of those moments. And, of course, there are few places in the world where the guy who played Harry Potter is more likely to be recognized by a Harry Potter fan than standing outside a Harry Potter store.

Although now I have to wonder how many times Daniel Radcliffe has passed within a few steps of Harry Potter in New York without being noticed. Especially since it was probably full of serious fans of the Wizarding World. I almost feel sorry for those fans who have no idea how close they’ve come to an even bigger Harry Potter experience than the store itself.


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