Daniel Radcliffe is Weird: Al Yankovic’s Trailer has musical numbers, Evan Rachel Wood and an exact impression of Madonna


“Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe grew up in front of the public playing the Boy-Who-Survived. And in the years since the franchise ended, he’s been busy with a lot of projects that have helped him never be typical. There was a lot of anticipation for the upcoming biopic of Roku playing the Weird Al Yankovic. The first Weird trailer: The Al Yankovic Story is full of musical numbers and an accurate impression of Madonna performed by Evan Rachel Wood.

Ever since it was announced that Daniel Radcliffe will play the Strange Al Yankovic, the expectation of the upcoming Roku movie “Strange” has been steadily growing. Now we can finally see Radcliffe’s performance, which should include many songs by the award-winning artist. Although he is not the only one who makes an amazing impression on these shots. Watch the trailer above.

Weird Trailer: The Al Yankovic Story begins with the backstory of the main character. We see him as an outsider from the stars thanks to his unique interests, such as accordion. In the end, Daniel Radcliffe appears and offers to write new lyrics to existing songs. And that’s how a music star is born.

From there, we’ll get to know some of the rest of the film’s star actors. The icon of the “Office” Rain Wilson as Dr. Demento, who was one of those who helped Strange Al achieve real recognition. We see him helping to name a growing office in a wild suit that only Wilson himself could have taken off.

Soon after Rainn Wilson appears in the trailer for the movie “Strange: The Story of Al Yankovic”, we see another familiar face: the actress of “Wild West World” Evan Rachel Wood. She enters as the one and only Madonna, creating a subtle but very accurate reproduction of the pop star’s vocal cadence.

Other familiar faces from the cast of Weird: The Al Yankovic Story includes “Stop and Burn” actor Toby Hass and Emmy Award-winning actress Mare of Easttown Julianne Nicholson. Glass actor Spencer Treat Clark and Dot-Marie Jones from Glee will also play roles in the upcoming Roku project.

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