Daniel Radcliffe is often “half-naked” in the movie “Weird Al” and talks about the influence of family that brought him into shape


When we see Daniel Radcliffe playing Weird Al in “Weird: The Story of Al Yankovic,” we can expect the actor to show some bizarre fits and epic spectacles. We can also expect him to sing Weird Al’s best skits and play the accordion. Something you might not expect, he will be shirtless for most of the movie. Even only in the trailer, we quite often see him “half-naked”, as Radcliffe described it. You can see him pumping his abs in the trailer, and he explained how he got into this shape.

In a recent interview with EW, Radcliffe talked about how the preparation for this film took place. The journalist leading the questions and answers noted that the “Harry Potter” actor often appears in the film without a shirt. Radcliffe then went into detail about it and how he got into such good shape.

I like that it was his parents who inspired him to get in shape. Crossfit is no joke, so it’s understandable that Radcliffe’s mom and dad are in such good shape. His parents seem to be a great source of inspiration for sports, especially with their physical achievements, as Radcliffe described:

“I don’t do crossfit, no. I am doing something of my own, but this is only from the point of view of the bar that my parents set. My parents are over sixty, and they are in better shape than me, and this is psychology. mom can do push-ups in a handstand, and she’s about 60.”

It’s so impressive that it’s no wonder Radcliffe feels the need to stay in shape. It’s an additional motivation that he had to be shirtless in this biopic.

Not only is this character “more half-naked” than any other character Radcliffe has played, he also sounds like the weirdest (pun intended) the character he’s ever taken. He went so far as to say that “Weird” might be weirder than “Swiss Army Man,” which means it would be a really wacky movie.

While Radcliffe was getting in shape and learning to play the accordion, his partner in the film Evan Rachel Wood spent her time preparing, reading interviews with Madonna and music videos to consolidate her impression of the pop icon. Both Wood and Radcliffe have been praised for their performances in Weird. Our own Mike Reyes said Radcliffe is “reaching new heights of crazy madness” in his review of the film.

Personally, I can’t wait to see Radcliffe in “Strange”, and it’s a pleasant surprise that he suddenly appeared in the film (thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Radcliffe). Of the films released in 2022, “Weird: The Story of Al Yankovic” is sure to be funny, especially with all this funny behind-the-scenes information about how the actors were preparing for the film. You can watch Weird on November 4th on the Roku channel.


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