Daniel Radcliffe Has a New Plan to Protect LGBT+ Youth Among Harry Potter Fans.


Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of talk in the Harry Potter fandom about the controversial comments of the author of the books J. Rowling talked about transgender women. This led to people boycotting the franchise and caused a stir in the Harry Potter fan community. Many actors from the Harry Potter films spoke out against the author and demonstrated their support for transgender people, including the actor who played the main character, Daniel Radcliffe. Now the actor continues to demonstrate his support for LGBTQ+ youth by participating in a new series for the Trevor project.

Radcliffe took part in a new series of round tables for The Trevor Project called Sharing Space. The series aims to strengthen the voices of LGBTQ+ young people, and the episode with the Harry Potter star is shown in commemoration of Transgender Visibility Day. The conversation came out amid controversy over J.K. Rowling’s comments about transgender women. The actor made it clear that he did not agree with what the author said, and made active efforts to be an ally and defender of LGBTQ+ youth. The Swiss army star talked to the organization about why he is so happy to participate in this project, saying:

We hear so many people talking about trans youth and hear them being talked about so often on the news, but very rarely do we actually hear from these young people directly. It was an absolute privilege to meet and listen to this incredible group of young people. After all, if you’re going to talk about transgender kids, it might be helpful to listen to transgender kids.

Not only was Radcliffe involved in this conversation, he was also a longtime supporter of the Trevor Project. The statement on the episode explains that the actor has been working with the organization for more than ten years, worked on social advertising for them, and in 2011 received an award for continued support of LGBTQ+ youth.

Along with partnering with organizations like The Trevor Project, and being an attorney, Radcliffe has made it clear that he disagrees with Rowling’s comments about transgender women. When the star of “Miracle Workers” spoke out against the author, part of his statement read:

It is clear that we need to do more to support transgender and non-binary people, not to devalue their identity and not to cause further harm.

Later, the actor explained that he spoke when he spoke because he met so many young homosexuals and transgender people who “were very similar to Potter.” He said he knew Rowling’s comments had hurt them and “wanted them to know that not everyone in the franchise thinks that way.” Along with Radcliffe, other stars of the Harry Potter films, including Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Harry Melling, responded to the author’s comments and made it clear that they support the trans community.

Along with participating in the new series “The Trevor Project” and continuing his work to support and protect LGBTQ+ youth, Daniel Radcliffe is also going to play a major role in the new season of “Miracle Workers”, which is scheduled in the television schedule for 2023. This fall, he will return to Broadway in the musical “Merrily We Roll.”


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