Daniel Kaluuya Responds After Learning about Logan Paul’s Critical Review of “No”


Daniel Kaluuya, the star of “No” (the new film by the famous horror writer and director Jordan Peele), still insists on releasing the film on the big screen. And in the midst of that, he finally responded to Logan Paul’s very opinionated social media thread in which he explained what he thought of the movie. So what does Kaluuya, an Oscar winner and one of the world’s biggest stars at the moment, have to say when discussing an ambiguous YouTuber?

Logan Paul tweeted about Nope shortly after the film’s release last month. Although he praised Daniel Kaluuya as an actor, among other things, he disagreed with the structure and tone of the story. When Capital FM asked Kaluuya about Paul’s opinion on the horror hit of the summer, the actor said he didn’t think it should be taken too seriously:

Why is his opinion at the top of the tree? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but what did they do in the cinema? Imagine if they asked me about Eric Clapton. I would listen to everyone’s opinion, I would listen to them, but I just say, “I do not know why you are better than everyone else.”

In other words, the Get Out graduate doesn’t understand why the opinion of a social media star is covered more than the opinion of others. Dozens of critics have praised the film, so why does the YouTuber’s review stand out among others? You can honestly see where the star is coming from. After all, Logan Paul is known for his YouTube videos and boxing matches, not for criticizing movies. And more recently, Paul even made an impression at WrestleMania.

Later in the conversation, Daniel Kaluuya even decided to sit down with the viral star to talk about the movie. However, he soon abandoned this idea:

I’m happy to sit with him… in fact, would I sit with him? No, it doesn’t really make sense, I wouldn’t sit down with him.

Well, I don’t think we’re going to see Daniel Kaluuya in the ImPaulsive social media expert podcast anytime soon. It’s probably for the best, celebrity guests don’t have a reputation for doing their best for the show. Maybe these two could have broken bread in a different way. Maybe a boxing match? (I’m taking bets now.)

It doesn’t look like Logan Paul’s sharp review had much of an impact on the box office success of “No,” although it became a hit, an instant box office hit. Faced with such an enthusiastic reception, Paul faced a negative reaction from online fans. Many noted that the Youtube star simply did not understand the film, as Logan Paul admitted in his review. Fortunately, CinemaBlend has broken down the ending “No” so that he and others can read when they are ready.

If you want to see for yourself whether you agree with Logan Paul or some rave reviews from critics about Jordan Peele’s “No,” you can watch the movie in theaters right now. Or, if you want to know about any other films that will be released this year, check out our movie schedule for 2022. Most likely, Paul will also have a strong opinion about them.


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