Daniel Henney’s Agency to Sue Online Imitators


Actor Daniel Henney‘s agency has warned against people impersonating him on the Internet.

On October 20, Echo Global Group shared an official statement that reads:

Hello. This is the Echo of Global Groups.

We would like to ask you to be careful, as there have recently been reports of social media accounts posing as Daniel Henney and employees of our agency who have also sent direct messages (DM).

Facebook Instagram actor Daniel Henney does not maintain any other social media accounts other than his personal Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Facebook Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts We would also like to make it clear that we do not manage any other accounts other than our official Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Moreover, under no circumstances does our company request any financial or personal information from anyone. We ask fans to pay special attention to this and be careful not to harm imitators.

We are constantly collecting a lot of evidence through our own monitoring and data sent by fans. Once again, we would like to state that such impersonation of another person is clearly a criminal act and that we will take legal measures against him. Thanks.


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