Daniel Craig Forgot his accent when he was making a glass bow


Daniel Craig’s southern accent, when he returns as Detective Benoit Blanc, may sound a little different in the sequel “Glass Bow: The Mystery of Getting Knives.” Partly because Craig was working on a more “down-to-earth” southern accent for the role, but also because he forgot how to do the accent from the first film.

“I forgot the accent and didn’t want to fake it,” Craig told Empire Magazine in a recent interview. So, to prepare for the role again, Craig says he worked with an accent coach for about four months before filming began on the sequel to “Get Knives.”

“I wanted to make it as down—to-earth and reality-bound as possible,” Craig continued.

Craig’s southern accent in “Get Knives” has achieved the right balance between comical and restrained, but it looks like his accent in the sequel will be more down-to-earth and realistic.

Although it’s funny that Craig forgot the accent after seeing that he also wore a Southern accent in Steven Soderbergh’s southern heist “Logan’s Luck.”

Like the detective heroes of the past, in “The Glass Bow” Detective Benoit Blanc will return to solve a completely new mystery with a new cast. While on a private Greek island, Blanc has to solve a new murder among new suspects.

They will include Edward Norton as a tech billionaire, Janelle Monae, Katherine Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Kate Hudson and Dave Batista.

The premiere of “Glass Bow” will take place on Netflix after the streamer bought the rights to two sequels of “Get Knives” for $ 450 million. This means that once the Glass Bow is completed, Craig will return for the third Benoit Blanc riddle, although hopefully he will remember the accent for the third time.

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