Daniel Craig Believes That James Bond Should Not Be A Black Woman Or Person


Daniel Craig: The actor is releasing his new and latest film as Agent 007 soon and shares his opinion on who should not inherit the role of James Bond. Daniel Craig, the famous actor who has played James Bond in the cinema in recent years, premieres this October 1 his new and last film as the famous Agent 007, No Time to Die, a film that will finally see the light after numerous delays for the COVID-19 pandemic. Although before saying goodbye to the character, Craig wanted to share his opinion on who should not inherit the role of such an iconic character, ruling out black actresses and actors. He has explained this in a recent interview with the Radio Times.

Daniel Craig thinks about the future of the saga

And it is that we have been listening to all kinds of rumors for a long time about the possibility that James Bond, the classic character that has been an icon of cinema for decades, happens to be played by a black actor or a woman, waking up all kinds of opinions among the fans of the mythical 007. Now, Daniel Craig has shared his opinion about the future of the British spy.

According to Craig, James Bond should always be played by a Caucasian-looking man: “The answer is very simple. There simply should be better roles for women and performers of color. Why should a woman play James Bond when there should be a role as good as James Bond, but for a woman? ”Says the actor.

Of course, these are statements that will undoubtedly raise controversy among the general public; remember that in recent times, Hollywood has opted for a greater inclusion of races and genders, changing both aspects in different characters.

No Time to Die, the new and long-awaited James Bond film, opens in theaters this coming October 1, 2021 and will represent Daniel Craig’s farewell from such an iconic role.


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