Danica Patrick tells why she had her breast implants removed after a mysterious illness: “Real vulnerability”


I’m sharing my story. Almost eight years after Danica Patrick had breast implants installed, she had them removed due to strange symptoms.

“I wasn’t sure I was ready to share it, but then I remembered that the real vulnerability is sharing something you’re not really ready for,” the 40—year-old former NASCAR driver wrote on Instagram on Friday, April 29. “I inserted breast implants [in] November 2014. I put them in because I want to have it all. I was in good shape, but I didn’t have breasts. So I got them. Everything went well and I was happy with them.”

Three years later, Patrick noticed that her hair was “not so healthy” and began to break. She also gained weight, “failing to lose” extra pounds.

“Then fast forward to the end of 2020, and the wheels came off,” the Wisconsin native wrote in her post on the social network. “I had an irregular cycle, I gained more weight, my hair didn’t look healthy at all, and my face became a different shape (strange, I know). So I went down the rabbit hole to figure it out. I did all the tests that could be done.”

Patrick, who last month confirmed her breakup with boyfriend Carter Comstock, underwent a series of “non-standard” medical examinations based on her symptoms, including hypothyroidism, heavy metal intoxication, dysbiosis, severe intestinal leakiness and hypoglycemia. After receiving the results of her test, the host of the podcast “Pretty Intense” on Wednesday, April 27, went under the knife to remove the implants from her breast.

“A few hours after the operation, I noticed this: my face became brighter and less dark under my eyes (without eating until the second picture), my face began to release oil again, I could already inhale 30 [percent] deeper into my chest. “,” she added in her Instagram post. “And I had so much energy when I woke up (and the operation was at 14:30).”

The Somnium Wine founder shared an additional post-surgery update via her Instagram story on Friday, writing: “Feeling… well, nothing, I was thrilled with the medications going home. But look at the color of my face!”

During Patrick’s recovery, she took many homeopathic medications and tried red light therapy to help her mitochondrial health. The author of Pretty Intense has been a big proponent of therapy in general for many years, often equating it with how it progresses after a breakup.

“You know, the idea that you are going to change someone is a pipe dream. Like, it’s just… someone has to want to change for themselves.”

She added: “[It’s] about finding someone who has such qualities and suits you in many ways. …That’s the other part, you know, you should like to do everything together.”