Danica Patrick Shares Dating Tips after Carter Comstock Broke Up: I’m Improving in “Trusting this Intuition”


An expert in detecting both checkered and red flags? Almost two months after Danica Patrick and Carter Comstock ended their relationship after almost a year of dating, she exclusively shared her dating advice to avoid any disturbing scarlet revelations.

“I’m not sure [what I’m looking for in a future partner], I just talked about it earlier: “But, I think you just have to follow your heart and trust your intuition.”

She added: “I think I’m getting better at it over time. So just trust this intuition, look for… for example, correctly, if there are red flags at the beginning, for example, trust this [and] don’t just brush it off. I think these are the things that I’m starting to realize are really important. …I have no doubt that it will happen [at] the perfect time.”

The Wisconsin native, who previously dated NFL star Aaron Rodgers and fellow racing driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr., announced in March that she and 33-year-old Comstock had separated.

The founder of Somnium Wine, who was married to Paul Edward Hospental from 2005 to 2013, also told us about the difficulties of dating in the public eye.

“I think from the outside, looking at [the point of view], it seems almost worse because, you know, there’s tension and then there’s pressure,” Patrick explained to Us on Wednesday. “Like most people who go through dating without being looked at, for example, you go on a million dates or meet a few people [and] you just see the one they end up with, but when you’re in the public eye it’s always there.”

She continued: “So, I think it’s just a general pressure, and then you can’t forget about them if they are also known. So they are always still there. So, it can make all the processes somewhat drawn out and a little more complicated, but there are also so many gifts from popularity and opportunities. So I choose to really look at the good.”

Although the author of “Pretty Intense” is no stranger to the fact that her personal life is “always there”, she is not one of those who stays close to her former partners.

“I usually say, ‘When this door closes, everything is ready.’ I think as I get older I get a little softer about it, but in general, once it’s done, it’s done,” she told Us.

In addition to finding dates, Patrick has found that healthy eating is becoming increasingly important, combining various work responsibilities, including reporting on the NBC Indy 500 broadcast later this month.

“Everything I did after my career and even during my career was aimed at health and well—being,” the retired athlete told us. “So, even if we’re talking about coming to the set in the morning [for this interview], I’m packing my food, and it’s a very common thing for me. I often take a refrigerator with me. So, Good Foods is a partner, and they’re so good for small snacks on the go: they have individual avocados, buffalo milk dip — my favorite of them — [and] tzatziki and all kinds of great stuff. So putting little things in a kit and being able to be healthy wherever I go is what I do all the time.”