Danica McKellar From GAF Shared Her “Secret” How to Look So Young on Her 48th Birthday


It’s hard to believe, but Danica McKellar has been winning the hearts of viewers for three and a half decades, since the late 1980s in the role of Winnie Cooper in the TV series “Wonderful Years”. Looking at her, of course, you would never have guessed that it was so long ago. On January 3, the actress of the TV series “The Great American Family” celebrated her 48th birthday and celebrated this event by sharing a selfie without makeup and filters on social networks. For those hoping to get advice on how to keep the same youthful shine, McKellar offered a couple of wise tips.

Danica McKellar did not sell any makeup products and did not let us into her skin care procedures when she shared the secret of how to stay so fresh — although I would not be the only one who was interested in her recommendations on these issues. We already know that there are good genes in the McKellar family, and in addition to this, the “Christmas in the Car” actress said on Instagram that, in her opinion, beauty really comes from within, with a healthy lifestyle and attitude. She shared:

If I have found any secret of youth, it is in the attitude… and, of course, in a healthy, clean lifestyle. Our mind and body are inextricably linked. I have found that when I eat well, have enough rest and exercise, I have much more access to the inner joy that makes life fun! And when I train myself to see the good (and laugh at the absurd) in the world, resisting the temptation to depend on outrage, I find that I’m more likely to stay grateful and make healthy choices… for example, go to bed early instead. staying up late to scroll through… everything you need to be outraged. 🙃

The GAF star, who was one of several actors who left Hallmark to join a rival network, said that the mind and body are so connected that proper nutrition, exercise and a positive attitude help her feel good and look great. She also cautioned against scrolling fate, and if there was ever a better endorsement of a good night’s sleep than her natural shots, I’d love to see it.

Danica McKellar’s advice didn’t stop there. She shared another secret:

Another secret of life? Accepting all this gratitude and giving back to the world in as many ways as I can. My grandmother always said, “The way to be happy is to make other people happy.” Spread it around… 🤗 ❤ 🤗

The former child star seems to be basking in the philosophy of getting out of life what you put into it, and it all sounds like a win-win situation if this inner joy also serves as a source of youth. Take a look at her birthday post:

 The actress seemed to have taken steps to bring more happiness into her life last year when Danica McKellar and her family left Hollywood to connect more with nature in rural Tennessee. She also got some practice in spreading positivity when she was involved in a controversy about a GAF colleague Candice Cameron Bure’s comment about “traditional marriage.”

The Winter Palace star “clarified” her views by supporting LGBTQ+ representation after Candice Cameron Bure’s comment that, in her opinion, the “Great American Family” would “keep traditional marriage at its core.” However, after Danica McKellar’s co-star Neil Bledsoe decided to step away from the network because of the statement, McKellar showed favor to the Full House alum, saying that she interpreted Bure’s comments differently than Bledsoe.

Whether it’s avoiding negative headlines, spreading joy, or just having good genes, Danica McKellar seems to be drinking from the fountain of youth and feels great. Now that the Christmas movie season has passed, be sure to check out our TV program for 2023 to find out what premieres are expected in the near future.


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