Dani Alves launches luxury car at Mercado Libre


This week, the historic Brazilian side Dani Alves, surprised the world by uploading a video to Instagram in which he announces that he has put his car, a brand new personalized Mini Cooper Countryman, for sale through the Mercado Libre online shopping platform.

The footballer presented the vehicle to his followers and spoke about its specifications, such as its 1.5 engine, excellent condition and only eight thousand kilometers traveled.

“The good crazy car is in Mercado Libre and look, everything is personalized! Interested? So take a look at the selection of this beauty: excellent condition, like the owner, 1.5 12v motor that is the terror of the paparazzi, eight thousand km and electric motor with champion economy. This is the performance of a high-level athlete! If you liked it, access the ad for more information, ”Alves wrote.

The sale of the vehicle on the side of Sao Paulo will have a charitable purpose, as the money raised will go to the NGO Gerando Falcöes, in charge of helping low-income children have access to education and sports.


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