The Most Dangerous Area of All Time According to Science


Scientists have identified the most dangerous region of all time to live. The area in question has long hosted the deadliest dinosaurs of all time.

Imagine you have a time machine. Assume that you can travel anytime and to any region in history. When would you want to go to which region? Seeing the French Revolution? To ensure that Hitler remains in the art school? The possibilities are endless.

On the other hand, human history is full of disasters. One third of the European population died due to the Black Plague. If we think on a larger scale, living species on our planet have experienced five cases of mass extinction. A period and a place among all that happened came to the fore with the worst conditions.

Worst place ever, worst time
One day, if this imaginary time machine is real, it is up to you to decide where to go, but according to scientists, there is a place you should not go, at least when it comes to a certain time. If you go 100 million years ago, it will be beneficial to stay away from Morocco.

Scientists from Detroit Mercy University and Portsmouth University, who came together under the leadership of paleontologist Nizar İbrahim, conducted geology research in the region known as the Kem Kem Group in the southeast of Morocco and examined the remains of living things.

While Nazir İbrahim said the most dangerous place in history for this region, the results obtained in the studies in the region were among the Kem Kem Group findings in ZooKeys magazine. According to the University of Portsmouth, this study was the first detailed and fully illustrated report on the formation of fossils.

The world of giant hunters
This region was home to the world’s wildest and largest carnivorous dinosaurs 100 million years ago. During the Cretaceous Period, this region was a place full of life, where the rivers were dense. The region, where giant fish, herbivorous dinosaurs and other gigantic creatures lived, has been the center of archaeological studies for a hundred years.

The visuals prepared by the researchers are full of remarkable illustrations. Massive and hungry dinosaurs moving on two legs can be seen while hunting giant sized fish. The region is not like a place where you will want to live if you are not at the top of the food chain.


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