Dane Cook Explains What He Thinks Went Wrong With Luck, Chuck


There was a time when Dane Cook’s name was a household name. He broke into the world of stand-up comedy and became a full-fledged movie star, starring in films with Kevin Costner, Steve Carrell and Jessica Alba. However, this major screening on the cinema screen was short-lived, and although he did a decent job, the result of this excessive exposure was several not very good romantic comedies. One of those films was “Good Luck Chuck” which, as you know, was sharply criticized by critics, and now Dane Cook has told us what he thinks went wrong with the film.

I recently met with the comedian to discuss his new special, “Above It All,” and when I asked if there was anything in his career that he regretted, he said the following:

I wouldn’t say it’s a regret, but I, I think when we did Good Luck Chuck, it became… it was kind of an extended version that became “that” version. And they just… I don’t know how they did it, but they just took a bunch of things that probably didn’t matter to the narrative, and it became more irrelevant. And I think in the end it hurts. I don’t think it hurt the movie from the beginning because I think from the beginning it was just as if it was a normal movie from the beginning. If you know what I mean? We didn’t do it, we weren’t going to set the world on fire with it.

Good luck Chuck plays Dane Cook as Charlie, a young man with a very unusual curse. When he sleeps with a woman, she finds the love of her life… and it’s never him. When he falls in love with Jessica Alba’s Cam, he begins to worry that he will lose her too, and the machinations begin. It’s a silly premise, of course, but that’s not what ruined the movie. After all, as Cook said, they weren’t trying to set the world on fire, but even for a sexual romp it could be unnecessarily obscene. The film is currently at 5% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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As mentioned earlier, Dane Cook was very famous at that time. He was referenced in Danger!, he was praised by Steven Spielberg, and he even auditioned for the role of Captain America, although because of this he really had problems with Marvel. Because of this tumultuous moment in his life, he had some crazy stories from the early 2000s that he could tell during our conversation, like when he kissed Charlize Theron’s ass on national television.

Although Dane Cook’s career has changed since then, he is still working and has just released his new stand-up, “Above It All.” While other comedians like Gabriel Iglesias bring huge specials to Netflix, Dane Cook prefers to own everything he does at this stage of his career completely. That’s why “Above It All” is currently available exclusively on his website, despite receiving offers to have the special broadcast continuously on streaming platforms. In fact, Dane Cook is so passionate about keeping responsibility for his work that he went on to say that this is the main factor he would like to do differently with Good Luck Chuck:

I think as soon as this deluxe version came out, I looked at it. I thought I would definitely have better contracts to protect in the future. What is this version? And how can I say anything else so that if something like this happened, you could slow down the scrolling of such a version?

Check out “Above It All” on Dane Cook’s website right now! If you don’t like stand-up comedies, check out which films will appear this year in our 2022 movie release schedule.


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