Dan Marino considered leaving the Dolphins for two teams: Fan reaction


Earlier this week, football fans learned that Dan Marino was considering leaving the Miami Dolphins at some point in his career.

“Yes, to be honest with you, I definitely thought about it,” Marino told Mackenzie Salmon of Sports Seriously. “I’ve been playing for the Dolphins for 17 years and they were kind of going in a new direction with a new coach and I had offers to play elsewhere and I really thought about it and maybe I had a chance to win a championship like Matthew [Stafford] did.”

Marino noted that the Minnesota Vikings and the Pittsburgh Steelers showed interest in him. Steelers fans complained that Marino was on their team twice.

“It really surprises me that Pitt didn’t take it. He would still be the king of Miami anyway,” one fan said.

“ARE YOU TELLING ME WE HAD TWO CHANCES???” Another Steelers fan said.

The Steelers fielded several competitive teams in the 1990s, but could have been legitimate Super Bowl contenders every year with Marino at the helm.


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