Damso: Kalash Criminel is on his album!


Kalash Criminel had the opportunity to collaborate with great rappers such as Jul, Nekfeu, Niska, Bigflo, Oli and also Damso!

In anticipation of the release of his new album “Sélection Naturelle”, Kalash Criminel therefore granted an interview to Mehdi Maïzi in LE CODE. He opened up about his relationships with other rappers, Damso understood.

Indeed, Kalash Criminel had the chance to share a feat on the title “But en or”, with Damso. He then explains how his collaboration went: “I really wanted to make a sound with him. Because I remember we were featured around the same time, 2016. He did a song called “Hourglass Seed”, which shocked me for life! And actually, when I think about him and talk to Kalash, yeah I have to get in touch with Damso, I’d like to do something with him. In short, I forget and limit, I give up. “.

Then he continues, “And it’s Ray, again, doing the productions and everything. He sent some prods to Damso, and then he said to me “but you want me to ask Damso? “. Because we hadn’t had an answer for him and all. I said go ahead ask him! He said to me “yeah, Damso he answered me, he said, he’s really hot!” I said, oh yeah, it’s heavy! “.

However, at this stage, nothing has been won for Kalash Criminel yet! Indeed, the latter had to face the Brussels rapper!


Kalash Criminel then sends two songs to Damso: “He likes it, but he says, ‘that’s not it.’ Suddenly, I send him the production of “But en Or”. He said to me, “This is it! In terms of sound, that’s it! “I put my part down and I email him – I tell him” I put the thing down, instead of sending it to you, come see you direct. We do this together, good. ” See you and it’s amazing! ”

Then he continues: “” But en Or “, the production is crazy turn-up! And we see each other at the studio, we talk, we talk, he says to me, “Hey, have you ever posed? Let me listen! “. He listens once, he goes crazy! Before posing, he listened to this part at least 50 times. And he would say to me, “bro, what you put there is crazy! You don’t even realize what you asked. There, you put real pressure on me, I really have to take the lead. ” ”

At this point, Damso then begins to write for almost an hour. “He turns his locks, and his brother says to me, ‘As soon as he turns his locks, it’s good! “. Bam! He starts to turn his locks, I say, “This is it! And he poses, unbelievably, then he says to me, “Hey, all you put down, the start is the chorus!” “”.

Comments validated by Damso who shared the interview on his Instagram account.


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