Dallas would make Dak Prescott the highest paid man ever


When they say ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ , the Cowboys took it very seriously because they did not skimp on anything. They are the best valued team in the world and money is something to spare, so they have some of the highest paid players and Dak Prescott could join that list because the team has already offered a new contract for its quarterback.

It would be the largest deal in NFL history.

In March of this year, the Cowboys put the label of franchise player on Prescott with the idea that he could not negotiate with any other team and thus reach an agreement for an extension of his contract, which seems to be close to achieving .

The quarterback entered his fifth year as a rookie and if he failed to reach an agreement, he would be free to go to any other franchise by 2020. He wants to become one of the highest-paid QBs and it seems he asked the right team for it. because the Cowboys are close to doing it.


No one in history has earned that amount.

According to Chris Simms of the Bleacher Report, Dallas is willing to make the leader of his offense the highest-paid player of all time for that position, offering him $ 175 million for five seasons, which means that each year he would receive $ 35 million from Dollars.

It seems like enough money, except for Dak Prescott, because he is still not satisfied. Prescott would only accept if they pay him the last year of his contract, which means that by 2025, he would earn 45 million , which would raise the amount of the agreement to a total of $ 185 million.

Is it really worth that much money?

In his 4 years with the team, he has shown moments of greatness, but still cannot take them beyond the Divisional Game of the playoffs. In his career he has more than 15 thousand yards, 97 TD passes and 36 interceptions with a passing rating of 97, which are not bad numbers, but in difficult times he has not lived up to it.

Currently highest paid is Russell Wilson who earns $ 35 million per season, although his contract is only for four years. Which means that the new contract for Dak Prescott would undoubtedly make him the highest-paid contract currently and in all NFL history.



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