Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a big family: fan reaction


Obviously, the Earnhardt family has a rich history, since both Dale Sr. and Dale Jr. were longtime NASCAR drivers.

But the Earnhardt family is not the only one with a long and impressive history.

This weekend, Dale Jr. reported that the Earnhardt, Gee and Yuri families got together for their first meeting.

All three families have strong ties in the racing world.

“Today, the Earnhardt, Ji and Yuri families got together for the first time. It was incredible to see 3 families with such a rich history come together,” Dale Jr. tweeted.

It’s pretty special.

“It sounds like a horn!” one fan tweeted.

“Just think of all the great stories told today!” another fan confessed.

“Wow, that would be pretty damn cool,” one fan added.

We wish all the best to all three families!