Dakota Johnson’s rant on stars who abused their assistants


Dakota Johnson can’t stand stars who treat their assistants badly and isn’t shy to say it!

Recently, Dakota Johnson, who is still very happy with Chris Martin, starred in the film The Voice of Success, released in July in France. The actress plays the character of Maggie, an assistant who busies herself with menial tasks while dreaming of becoming a music producer. A job not always easy to assume and that, the actress is well aware of it. Interviewed by the 9Honey site, she said: “I have the best relationship with my assistant. I love her and am really grateful to have her by my side. I think everyone should be treated with respect. and kindness. Especially the people who help me in my life, and I’m happy to have them. ”



Sadly, not all helpers get the chance to work with sympathetic celebrities in Hollywood. A situation that particularly annoys Dakota Johnson. During her interview, the pretty brunette did not hesitate to push a little rant about this: “I just want everyone to feel loved, supported and happy. I was brought up learning to treat people with respect and gratitude. But I have also seen people mistreat their assistants or their team members, and it’s boring and sad. ” That is what is said! And for ever more celebrity news, know that Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin would consider getting married.



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