Daisy Mae Cooper Is in Talks to Play M in The New James Bond Film


Daisy Mae Cooper is reportedly “in talks” to play M in the next James Bond film.

According to The Sun, the “This Country” star intends to bring a “comedic and quirky” role to the role previously played by Ralph Fiennes and Judi Dench.

A source told the publication: “Daisy is a close friend of [writer] Phoebe [Waller—Bridge], whose participation in Bond was such a success that it caused an unexpected conversation.

“Suddenly, the production group was fired up by the prospect of really directing M in a different direction.

“With Daniel [Craig] gone, it seemed like it was time to start looking at change across the board, and the dynamic between Bond and M is at the core of the films.”

The source added: “So it opens the door for him to become a little lighter and more comedic in the future — and of course will affect the direction in which the new 007 agent is moving.”

Earlier this week, Taron Egerton denied rumors that he could succeed Daniel Craig as the next 007 agent, saying that he does not consider himself “the right choice for this.”

“To be such a guy, you need to be stately all the time. And that’s what I’m still striving for. I’ve always struggled with my weight,” the Kingsman actor told The Daily Telegraph.

Egerton revealed that he believes body preparation is necessary whenever he takes on a role, adding that Bond is “a bit like being a brand ambassador as well as being an actor. And it can be a lot of fun in a microcosm, but I’m sure I read that [producer] Barbara Broccoli said it’s a 15-year commitment.”

The actor added, “Anyway, it doesn’t matter how I feel about it, because I can tell you that there were no phone calls.”

Other stars whose names have featured as the next Bond are Lucien Lavisconte and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, with the latter recently responding to rumors in a chat with Vanity Fair.

“There may be something really positive written about you [about you], but there may also be something really negative that can spread,” he said. “You just want to stay in your lane, stay on the ground, stay close to the people you love and love you, and stay in this world.”

Taylor-Johnson added: “Because the moment you start believing the shit that people are saying about you, you go crazy. You’ve lost him.”

Idris Elba, who has also been associated with this role for a long time, recently suggested that this is purely speculation.


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