“Daisy Jones and the Six” on Amazon Prime: Everything you need to know about the cast, release date and more


Let’s go back to the 70s. If the source material is any indication, then the upcoming Amazon series “Daisy Jones and the Six” will send viewers on a journey into the world of flared trousers, arena rock and behind-the-scenes drama.

Based on the novel of the same name by Taylor Jenkins Reed, the film “Daisy Jones and the Six” tells the story of the fictional rock band The Six, whose leader is a mysterious woman named Daisy. The book was a huge success after its release in March 2019, but Amazon acquired the TV rights almost a year before it appeared on store shelves.

Reese Witherspoon chose the novel for one of her selections at the Reese Book Club, and her production company Hello Sunshine teamed up with Amazon to create the series.

“As soon as I started reading Daisy Jones and the Six, I immediately fell head over heels in love with her, and I’m thrilled to be bringing her to the screen with Amazon and Jen Salke, whose passion for the material spoke volumes.”, — said in a statement of the Oscar winner in July 2018. “With [Scott] Neustadter and [Michael H.] Weber, two writers I deeply admire who have led this project, I am so confident that Daisy and her band will leave as indelible a mark on audiences around the world as I do on their journey to find their voices.”

In November 2019, Riley Keough signed a contract for the role of the main character Daisy Jones, which was partially based on Stevie Nicks. Actress Zola herself comes from the rock kingdom: her grandfather is Elvis Presley. (Her parents are Lisa Maria Presley and musician Danny Keough.)

“I’m so proud of how hard everyone worked to bring this story to life,” the Golden Globe nominee wrote on Instagram in September 2021, when the first day of filming of the show began. “All the writers have done SUCH an incredible job. Everyone at Amazon, the entire film crew, as well as the music side are working tirelessly and tirelessly to make us sound good. The cast for working so hard, learning to do things we’ve all never done. Thank you Thank you thank you!!”

The “American Honey” star appears alongside Sam Claflin, who plays Daisy’s bandmate Billy Dunn. The “See You Again” actor learned to play guitar for this role during quarantine due to the 2020 coronavirus, which began shortly after production was originally scheduled to begin.

“It actually has everything you need for a good TV drama,” he told Entertainment Tonight about the September 2020 show. my utility belt is going into this. But that’s something I fortunately had a little more time for because of where we ended up.”

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In addition to Jones and Claflin, the series features Suki Waterhouse as Six’s keyboardist Karen Sirko, Will Harrison as Six’s guitarist Graeme Dunn, and Sebastian Chacon as Six’s drummer Warren Rhodes. Nabia Be plays Daisy’s best friend Simone Jackson, and Camila Morrone plays Billy’s wife, Camille Dunn. Josh Whitehouse will play Eddie Roundtree, who seems to be based on the book character Eddie Loving, who was one of the guitarists of The Six. Timothy Oliphant will appear as Rod’s band manager.


The book tells about the first days of the band’s existence in Billy’s garage and their rise to fame after Daisy became a singer. Details of the plot of the series have not been disclosed, but it is likely that the series will follow the same trajectory. Jenkins Reed said she was partly inspired by the drama between the members of Fleetwood Mac in the 1970s, so expect a lot of infighting and infidelity in the group.

Source material

Although Daisy Jones is not part of the series, it contains Easter eggs to some of Jenkins Reed’s other books, including Malibu Rising and Evelyn Hugo’s Seven Husbands. A television adaptation of the latest novel is also in development on Netflix, but it’s unclear if the two series will be related at all.


The book includes many lyrics to the music of The Six, and several real musicians were involved to bring these words to life. Blake Mills, a singer-songwriter who has worked with Fiona Apple, Lana Del Rey and The Chicks, is ready to write music for the show. Tony Berg also serves as producer, and Malcolm McRae and Kane Richott have been brought in as vocal teachers for the actors.