Daimler to Shrink in Transition to Electric Cars


Automotive giant Daimler, which also houses an important brand such as Mercedes under its roof, plans to focus on the electric car market. The company will also shrink in this process.

Almost everyone has accepted that electric cars are the future of the automotive industry. German giant Daimler is also preparing for the age of electric cars. The structure of the company will also change in this process.

Daimler, one of the largest automobile companies in the world, aims to become a smaller organization 5 years from now. According to the company’s CEO, Ola Kaellenius, Mercedes-Benz will focus on software-based systems.

Daimler is getting smaller

“We will become a smaller company in the next five years,” Kaellenius told Reuters news agency. There will be fundamental changes in our industrial footprint regarding the power unit. ” said.

Daimler CEO explained that the reason for this situation was the need for less work. Kaellenius said that while there are only 200 parts in the engine and battery of an electric car, this number has increased to 1400 in conventional internal combustion engines, and stated that as you move away from fossil fuels, efficiency increases and resources are freed.

The CEO also added that they have recruited a large number of new software engineers, battery chemistry specialists and electrification specialists during this transition period. Thus, Daimler will adapt to the era when more environmentally friendly and sustainable luxury stands out.

Greener luxury vehicles

Kaellenius said they had no doubt in their minds that footprints on Earth should be smaller. That’s one of the things modern luxury cars promise, according to the CEO.

Mercedes-Benz uses the expertise of the Formula 1 team for electric car models called the EQXX. This vehicle will be able to overcome quite long distances with a single charge, and according to the company, the aim of the car will be to become the most effective electric car.

The company also wants its users to use their digital services in the new era. Thus, the company also aims to generate additional income from the automobile operating system it will publish in 2024. They will earn additional income by selling products such as autonomous driving service and driving assistance feature through the operating system.


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