Dahyun solves the mystery of TWICE’s winter photography


The TWICE member revealed the truth about a photograph that confused ONCE from all over the world.

Dahyun shared with ONCE who the mysterious girl from the winter photo posted on TWICE’s Instagram was, the K-pop idol said that her relatives were also confused by the image.

Winter began to be felt in different parts of the world, in South Korea a series of snow storms painted the city and natural landscapes of that Asian country in white.

Some idols of the K-pop took advantage of the cold weather, the snow became the perfect SET to a fun and original photo shoot. One of the TWICE members updated the group’s Instagram account with a mysterious image.

In the post, one of the members of the female group appeared covering half of her face with a warm scarf, which aroused the curiosity of the users of the social network.

Netizens started a debate about the identity of the idol in the photo , some bet it was Mina, Dahyun was also a recurring choice among fans, but some thought it was Sana or Tzuyu .


In a live broadcast, Dahyun revealed the truth behind the winter photography. Which TWICE singer or rapper starred in the snapshot? We’ll tell you all the details below.

Kim Dahyun organized a live to talk with ONCE , took advantage of the time with the fans and answered some questions from the followers. The rapper talked about the snapshot that caused a lot of stir.


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Momo told Dahyun that ONCE did not know exactly who was in the image, since the person’s factions could be from different members of the group, the idol’s parents were also confused and questioned her about the photograph .

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The interpreter of ‘MORE & MORE’ played a prank on her parents, commented that Sana was the person in the photo and her father answered no, he thought it was Mina , in the end Dahyun confessed that she was the girl from the picture.

Mystery solved! The protagonist of the publication was Dahyun , ONCE commented on the surprise they took when they learned the truth. The TWICE girls look so alike that it became retro to know the identity of the artist in the photo .


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