Dahyun From TWICE Diagnosed With COVID-19 + Official JYP Statement


Dahyun from TWICE got infected with COVID-19. Her agency JYP Entertainment has released a statement on the matter.

Read on for more information.

Dahyun from TWICE tested positive for COVID-19 + ad by JYP Entertainment

On January 3, JYP Entertainment announced that Dahen from TWICE was diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to the statement, Dahyun recently passed an express antigen test. The results of the examination were positive, and Dahyun was quarantined.

In addition, JYP Entertainment also stressed that they will prioritize Dahyun’s health first and foremost for her speedy recovery.

See the following statement below:


This is JYP Entertainment

We regret to inform you that on Tuesday, January 3, TWICE participant Dahyun tested positive for COVID-19 in accordance with an express antigen test.

On January 2, at 22:00. KST, a self-diagnosis kit was used, and Dahyun’s result turned out to be positive. The positive result was confirmed on January 3 by a rapid antigen test, and she is currently quarantined in accordance with Department of Health regulations.

We will put the health of our artist first and will do everything possible to ensure his quick and successful recovery.

Thank you.”

Jihyo and Sana from TWICE will test positive for COVID-19 in 2022

As for other news, the leader of TWICE Jihyo was also confirmed positive for COVID-19 last year. This led to the fact that ONCE from their fandom demanded the extension of the promotion TWICE due to Jihyo’s health condition.

JYP Entertainment also released a statement informing fans about Jihyo’s health and her recovery plans.

After the announcement, Jihyo shared her thoughts online, assuring ONCE that she would recover as soon as possible. She apologized to ONCE for not being more careful with the virus, which fans understand. ”

“You must have been really looking forward to this return. I’m so upset that I think I’ve exhausted your spirit. I’m sorry, I should have been more careful. Don’t lose your energy because of me. I hope that the upcoming album will be soulful and exciting. I’ll be back as usual, okay?

Meanwhile, in April 2022, Sana from TWICE stayed in Japan due to a positive test result for COVID-19.

JYP Entertainment stated that at that time, all TWICE underwent PCR testing in preparation for departure after the Tokyo Dome tour.

When the results came in, Sana confirmed a positive result, while the other participants were negative, which is why she stayed in Japan to do self-isolation and quarantine.

On the same day, the rest of the participants flew back to Korea.

ONCE shared their thoughts on Sana’s condition online:

“I pray that everything will be fine. I pray for the best outcome and everyone’s safety!”

“I feel like my heart is about to burst every time I get a notification.”

“Let’s pray for her speedy recovery. Get well soon, Sana. 8 participants of TWICE have a negative result, but I hope they are OK too. Take care of yourself and stay safe. Let’s pray for the safety of the participants.”


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