Dad’s son with a long neck was discharged from the hospital after abuse


Daddy Long Neck can breathe easy! Shocking news appeared a few weeks ago: the nine-month-old son of an Internet star was hospitalized with a skull fracture and a brain hemorrhage. They say that a new friend of the mother cruelly bullied the baby. The long-necked dad was very concerned about this and shared it with his community. Now his son has been discharged from the hospital.

According to Daddy Long Neck TMZ, little David has been temporarily placed in foster care since last Saturday. Now the baby feels better every day: he is no longer connected to the feeding probe, but can eat and drink on his own. In addition, the son of network awareness is now much more active and even giggles. However, it is still unclear whether the injuries will lead to irreversible damage.

As confirmed by the Montebello police Department, the cohabitant of the child’s mother was actually arrested in connection with the crime and charged with child abuse with grievous bodily harm. He is due to appear in court later this week.


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