Dadju as a couple with Jordyn Woods? This detail that leaves room for doubt


Dadju as a couple with Jordyn Woods? This detail that leaves room for doubt. Did Dadju find love in the person of Jordyn Woods? This detail in particular leaves room for doubt.

Frenchies are popular! After Matt Pokora who found love alongside Christina Milian and who has just become a dad , it looks like another figure of French music has also fallen for an American and for good reason, the rapper Dadju would be in a relationship with Jordyn Woods , Kylie Jenner’s ex BFF. After having lived a difficult year following the scandal involving Tristan Thompson, the 22-year-old woman had opted for discretion. Only here, the artist and the influencer have leaked some clues on Instagram and everything suggests that they do have a romantic relationship.

Both on a trip to Dubai, Jordyn Woods and Dadju could not help posting their happiness on social networks and the least we can say is that it is explicit. By looking a little closer to their Instagram stories , we quickly realize that the two new lovebirds are in the same place and Dadju did not hesitate to show his romantic side by leaving a word of love to Jordyn in the middle of rose petals: “You made my heart ache … Dadju” could we read. So, are we officially dealing with a new couple here? If so, we obviously wish them much happiness. Until we know more,Dadju and Burna Boy have released the video clip of Give me the agreement, a new extract from Poison or Antidote.


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