Dad from Texas became popular on Tik Tok because he was drunk when his wife gave birth


A father from Texas went viral after his wife posted a video showing her water unexpectedly broke on July 4 when her father was still drunk after a party.

Pregnancy is often full of unexpected and urgent moments, but nothing can beat the panic that occurs when your waters run out. Especially when that moment comes a whole month before you were ready.

A Texas father went viral after his wife’s water broke a whole month earlier, forcing him to drunkenly pack everything the couple needed when he hosted a Fourth of July party just minutes before.

TikTok Dad Went Viral Because He Was Drunk While His Wife Was Giving Birth


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TikTok user nottherealhannahb went viral after she posted a video of her husband holding their newborn baby in his arms, with a funny story attached.

“Remembering the case when my water broke 4 weeks earlier, on July 4, and my husband was still in shock from yesterday evening.”

Her husband could not believe the news that her water broke, and shouted to his wife: “But I’m tired!”

Since its publication on October 7, the video has gained more than 1.8 million views.

Users in the comments section fried her husband’s drunken response. One viewer said: “Girl, HOW were you so calm and sweet! The second he said: “I’m tired,” I’d have steam coming out of my ears.”

Another added: “These days of sleep are over, my friend.”

Even after Dad packed three bathing suits in a drunken hurry, the baby was safely delivered without a hitch.


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