Cyril Schreiner: the Youtuber poses with … The Rock! (PHOTO)


On the occasion of a daring video, youtubeur Cyril Schreiner had to shave his head for a challenge. It was enough for the rapprochement with The Rock appears. And the videographer had fun on Instagram with a small editing of which he has the secret.

Revealed with his Chadore Chadère Chevalide clip, Cyril Schreiner continues his path to success. His clip had made the buzz and accounts for nearly 7 million views on Youtube. But less than a week ago, he took on a daring challenge that he had to achieve. With a friend, he tried the game You lose you shave your skull. Having lost, he had to accept the ball to zero.

But thanks to his status of youtubeur, Cyril Schreiner seems invited in many promotional events. For the release of Jumanji The Next Level, he went to a conference. After the 1995 film, Jumanji had an adaptation in 2017. The rest of this remake is now available at the cinema.

If Jumanji makes so much talk, it’s thanks to his casting. And thanks to Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. An international superstar, the actor is one of the most popular in the world. Often on the blockbuster poster, he notably appeared in Fast and Furious. A success he also owes to being very muscular and representing a certain ideal.

Cyril Schreiner played his little resemblance to The Rock. Now bald, he made a small montage that presents him alongside the actor with a background of rainforest. He also reveals some pictures of the conference he was able to visit. One can see the triumphant entry of The Rock. And notice that his musculature is not a myth.

So, convinced by this little ironical montage?


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