Cyril Hanouna urges cancer patient Camille to help!


Nice call from Cyril Hanouna! The host of Touche Pas à Mon Poste tries to help Camille, a young woman with cancer.

Cyril Hanouna makes a very nice gesture! The host indeed comes to the aid of a fan who had come to see him on the TPMP set… Suffering from cancer, Camille still has dreams to fulfill. So his family is calling for help!

She had two first dreams: to participate in the 12 coups de Midi and to meet the host of Touche pas à mon Poste. But fate hangs over the poor young woman of 25 …

Because in addition to her incurable cancer, which has been eating her away since the age of 8, Camille also has to take care of her mother … who has also just been diagnosed with cancer. Cyril Hanouna therefore seems very moved!

The host therefore shares the prize pool launched by the young woman’s aunt to try to save the young woman’s dreams … She thus wishes to raise 10,000 euros to “make some dreams come true”.

Cyril Hanouna therefore shares the pot launched by Camille’s aunt on his Instagram account. A way to help your fan, and also to reach as many people as possible.


The young woman’s situation seems very complicated … because the doctors detected cancer at the age of 8. His aunt thus salutes his “astounding resilience”. But she can’t help him more than that!

It is in fact more than 8,000 kilometers from Camille. She therefore calls for help from those touched by this testimony … And Cyril Hanouna shares, because the story of this woman touched her.

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Since the launch of the fundraiser, 122 people have given a little of their own to help him. Out of the maximum target of 10,000 euros launched by her aunt, she therefore collected 2,892 euros.

A good sum, already, for a young fighter facing life … With the help of Cyril Hanouna and the whole TPMP team, there is no doubt: Camille will continue to fight!


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