Cyril Hanouna (TPMP) decides to relocate a homeless!


Cyril Hanouna touched everyone on the TPMP set! Very generous and touched with the case of a homeless person, he gave him a superb gift.

The generosity of Cyril Hanouna touched more than one! Indeed, the famous animator came to the aid of a homeless person.

This isn’t the first time the C8 star has donated. Remember, in 2016, he decided to give more than 160,000 euros in gifts to his fans!

Then, he offered a house to a family that could not afford this luxury … In 2019, Cyril Hanouna even allowed a restaurateur to have his own establishment!

So whether you like the presenter of TPMP or not, there is no fault of his generosity. His gestures touch everyone on the set each time.

Yesterday evening, Cyril Hanouna once again moved everyone by helping a homeless man. Read on!


On Sunday, Enquête Exclusive followed several homeless people. A poignant report that touched many viewers!

Indeed, one of the homeless people called Ibrahim moved everyone… This undocumented man, separated from his wife, has lost everything.

He therefore had to live in the parking lots of La Défense… A horrible situation which led an Internet user to make him a jackpot.

In a few hours, the Leetchi platform raised more than 23,000 euros for this homeless man. Cyril Hanouna, also very touched by Ibrahimn, decided to help him.

So he suggested, “On behalf of the production, you will be staying at the hotel at my expense from tonight for a year. We wanted to give you a little help (…) I really want you to be at the hotel, to get your papers done with the Ministry of Housing, they will take care of you, and like that you will be able to move forward and get you back on track. ”

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As much to say to you that nobody can remain insensitive in front of this sequence. Bravo Cyril Hanouna!


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