Cyril Hanouna programs for health reasons


The covid-19 pandemic is shaking up our entire daily life and our habits. And it is not Cyril Hanouna who can claim the opposite!

Indeed, the sanitary conditions, linked to the virus, do not stop disrupting the work of the star presenter of the C8 channel.

First, “the President of Darka”, as he calls himself, had to change boards twice. Therefore, to host the programs Balance Ton Post and Touche Pas À Mon Poste on the same.

Then, join a second stage to present “To Take Or To Leave”, the new game he is hosting from 8:15 p.m. But we have to believe that there is change!

Yes, the special “Baba” marathon will begin with “Balance Your Post”, keeping the classic columnists. In fact, Agathe Auproux must take her grand tour.

Then you won’t watch “Touche Pas À My Poste” but the “Take it or Leave” game at 6.30pm. At least that makes it possible to respect the imposed conditions.

Then you end with Cyril Hanouna’s famous show, TPMP. Thus, it is on his Twitter account that the main concerned has just announced the news.


Indeed, Cyril Hanouna hastens to give the info to his subscribers on the blue bird social network.

First it starts: “My darlings from Monday @TPMP 7:40 pm until thirsty and @APOALofficiel at 6:30 pm. Since we can no longer chain @BalanceTonPost and @TPMP! ”

“If it’s for everyone’s good, that’s fine with me. And I don’t mind having a longer @TPMP given the fun we had this week. ”

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So, we have to believe that this modification delighted Cyril Hanouna more than anything else. And you what do you think ?


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