Cyclops’ Secret Triumph Proves Why He’s the Greatest Living Superhero


Fans often disagree when it comes to the leader of the X-Men, Cyclops. Over the years, Scott Summers has been hated and loved by Marvel fans. His actions have not always been popular, but the way he coped with the suffering of one unimportant mutant proves that he is the best living comic book superhero.

In the 2001 New X-Men #115 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, Cyclops, Wolverine and another mutant named Ugly John are captured by Cassandra Nova. Despite the fact that he is a mutant without abilities, Ugly John is being tortured inexpressibly simply for who he is. It’s the kind of injustice that directly contradicts Professor X’s dream of mutants, and that’s exactly what Scott was raised to stop. So when Cyclops is finally freed, he decides to use his deadly powers to put an end to Ugly John’s suffering. This is not easy for anyone to do, let alone a person who has sworn to save others. However, this small act of mercy says a lot about the character and strength of the X-Men leader. Many heroes like Superman have a rule not to kill, but in a situation like the one with Ugly John, it’s a selfish policy, as it means they won’t kill to end someone’s suffering. Cyclops demonstrates his heroism, understanding the complexity of his choice, and also stopping at nothing to save others, even if it is posthumous.

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Before they were captured, Cyclops promised Ugly John that he would take him to a safe place, and when he couldn’t do it, Scott did what many other heroes wouldn’t do, he put an end to this man’s pain. For most heroes, this would be a tragic end to a terrible story, but Syke was never disappointed in people. Later in X-Men #8, 2022, Jerry Dugan and Javier Pina reveal that Ugly John is alive on Krakoa thanks to the X-Men resurrection protocols, but this man’s only power is to have three heads and nothing else. On Krakoa, resurrection takes priority for the most important and powerful members of mutant society, and a mutant like Ugly John would never have made it to the top of the list without intervention. Scott fought to bring him back to life. He fulfilled his promise to deliver the mutant to a safe place, because Cyclops understands what it’s like to be helpless.

Thanks to his strength, Scott is doomed to always keep his eyes closed or covered to protect others. His optical explosions are a deadly curse, meaning he will never lead a normal life. This is a serious disability, but Cyclops overcame his weakness and used his strength to inspire and help his fellow mutants. Because of his own history, he knows what it means to suffer, and in New X-Men #115, he proves that he is strong enough to put an end to someone’s suffering. Cyclops made a lot of mistakes and wasn’t always the hero he was supposed to be. He lost friends, family and, of course, Jean Grey, but all his failures also taught him to make difficult choices, never refuse to help people and, unlike some other heroes, not to look at the world simplistically. black and white.

Whether you love Cyclops or hate him, fans of the X-Men know that there is no denying that he is a man who will protect others, whether it’s the X-Men or just a powerless innocent. Other heroes are so passionate about their own symbolism that they don’t want to kill for any reason, including mercy. On the contrary, if Scott Summers lets someone down, he will stop their suffering and then help create a nation to bring them back to safety. Cyclops is one of the greatest living superheroes because he has no limits on what he will do to save others.