Cybertruck: what a ‘camper version’ of the Tesla pickup would look like [images]


Due to be launched in the middle of 2021, Cybertruck draws attention due to its non-standard design. Then, a Canadian artist went further and imagined the camper version of Tesla’s first electric pickup.

The travel extension concept adds an “extra cabin” to the top of the model’s bucket. In addition, there are options with sleeping space for singles and couples. That is, perfect for those who want to travel and sleep in their own car.

The drawings were posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum by user Joeguy07. In the description, he reveals that he imagined the camper extension of the truck because he likes to have enough space while traveling.

Still according to the Canadian artist, the images are not yet finished and he is improving the concept of the extension for the vehicle. However, he does not hide the desire that Tesla or other companies adopt the idea he created.

At the forum, the conceptual arts were the target of criticism and praise from users. For example, some of them compared the material to hearses. Meanwhile, others found the idea incredible, as long as it doesn’t affect the vehicle’s aerodynamics and range.

Tesla’s original idea
The concept created by the artist starts from an image released by Tesla in November 2019. In this case, the Cybertruck camper extension also featured a space with cooking utensils and a table attached to the bucket.

However, the company did not disclose further details about the “cybercamper”. Because of this, it is still a question whether this feature will be available to vehicle owners when it hits the market in 2021.


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