Cybersecurity solutions of domestic production Dataflow will be open to the whole world with the help of Tech Data


The products of the local cybersecurity company DataFlowX will be distributed first in Turkey and then worldwide through Tech Data.

It is estimated that the number of cybersecurity breaches worldwide in 2021 exceeded 40 billion. The global cybersecurity market has also grown rapidly over the past 10 years due to the growing awareness of cybersecurity breaches and next-generation threats. So much so that it is expected that by 2029 the global cybersecurity market will reach $376.3 billion and will demonstrate an annual growth rate of 13.4%. A remarkable cooperation has been signed in this rapidly growing global market in our country, which will allow solutions of domestic production to take a large share.

DataFlowX products will be opened to the world together with Tech Data

Tech Data A TD SYNNEX (NYSE: SNX), the world’s leading distributor of IT solutions in Turkey, and DataFlowX, a technology manufacturer offering next-generation cybersecurity solutions, have announced the signing of a distribution agreement. In accordance with this agreement, next-generation cybersecurity solutions developed by DataFlowX with the Zero Trust architecture approach, ensuring the protection of critical infrastructures and secure data transfer between networks, will be offered first in the Turkish market, and then in the medium term to customers around the world. through technical data.

Behchet Yumrukcalli, General Manager of Tech Data A TD SYNNEX in Turkey, said the following about their cooperation: “As Tech Data A TD SYNNEXCompanyTurkey, the world’s leading distributor and aggregator of solutions for the IT ecosystem, we maximize the value of their technology investments for more than 150 thousand customers in more than 100 countries, we offer innovative solutions to achieve business results, demonstrate business results and unlock growth opportunities.

Of course, with all this, cybersecurity is one of our top priorities. One of the most well-known approaches in the field of cybersecurity today is the zero-trust architecture approach. It is generally assumed that the network is secure if security systems do not detect violations, but the zero-trust architecture approach assumes that the network is not always secure, even if violations are not detected.

He recognizes that every transaction, data, and identity is unreliable. We consider it very valuable that DataFlowX produces products in accordance with this approach, which is being rapidly implemented worldwide, using domestic funds. Because one of our goals is to support the growth and globalization of local enterprises working in the field of cybersecurity.

As a Tech Data A TD SYNNEX company, our goal is for more than 600 business partners to benefit from our strength and achieve maximum value in the data economy. At the moment, we are striving to first position domestic DataFlowX products in many different sectors in our country, and then expand their use abroad.”

Making a statement about the agreement, DataFlowX General Manager Burak Chifter said: “The rapidly developing digital world provides convenience in all areas of our lives, but also carries with it great risks.

Technologies are at the heart of all services for institutions for the secure receipt, processing and storage of data from digital media, their rapid transfer to the relevant departments and ensuring that this flow does not stop. However, today the need for cross-system integration makes it impossible to completely disconnect sensitive and critical networks.

This requires next-generation solutions for sensitive networks to perform data exchange without compromising the “zero trust architecture”. In accordance with this need of institutions working in the fields of energy, finance, manufacturing and defense, we, as DataFlowX, offer confidential and important information through our “Family of secure information gateways” between networks, consisting of DataDiodeX, the first and only new generation data diode on the local market and DataBrokerX, an inter-network security gateway.We provide hardware and physical isolation of networks.

At the same time, we also provide secure data exchange without compromising this security measure. We are pleased to partner with Tech Data, the world’s leading distributor and aggregator of solutions for the IT ecosystem, so that our business partners can easily, efficiently and safely benefit from all these solutions that we offer and strengthen their security portfolios with cyber defense solutions.” said.


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