Cybersecurity: Learn How to Mitigate Your Computer’s Risks


Cybersecurity: The coronavirus pandemic changed many behaviors and potentiated major social issues. Large companies have adopted a work model that was not so common in our country, but now seems to have come to stay.

The home office is a type of service provision in which professionals can perform all their activities outside the office. But is the virtual security of these people guaranteed away from formal work environments?

Cybersecurity: why pay attention to this idea?

According to data collected by the productive sector, many professionals believe that their security in virtual environments has been greatly impacted by the current work system. There are even several employees who work in a hybrid model, in which they share their workload between the company’s on-site office and the home office.

A study on cybersecurity’s ongoing threat impacts of covid-19, first published in July 2020, found that out of 90 IT professionals, about 30 feel vulnerable with teleworking systems. According to those involved in the research, the security of companies can suffer alarming consequences in terms of management.

To better understand this issue, just think about how hackers have acted in recent times. In addition to already hacking computer networks in search of various personal data, scammers are also capable of contaminating files and polluting entire internet pages in order to capture easy prey.


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