Cybersecurity: what a career in the field is like


Cybersecurity is one of the areas of greatest expansion today and with a positive growth outlook for the coming years. With so much demand, opportunities within this sector also increase.

Are you thinking about starting a cybersecurity career? Learn more about this profession and how you can work in it.

One sector for each skill

Because cybersecurity is a very broad area, it can be divided into several sectors, each requiring a different skill and qualification.

Network security

The professional in this sector is responsible for ensuring that all the company’s network components are protected against threats and possible information leaks, that is, it is usually the organization’s first line of defense. To work in this department, it is necessary to have knowledge of network security protocols and the most common threats to these systems.

Information and data security

Whoever works in this area needs to protect company data, including users’, against theft, changes and removal. To be a good expert in this type of cybersecurity, the professional needs to have knowledge in risk management, ISO policies and security architecture.

Cloud security

With so many files and data being shared in the cloud, it is no wonder that there is a cybersecurity area totally dedicated to the situation. The professional in this area ensures that users make safe use of applications, the web and file transfer. To work in this sector, it is interesting to know programming languages, such as Phyton, and cloud service platforms, such as Amazon AWS.

Application security

In that department, the specialist is responsible for finding and fixing vulnerabilities in the source code of computers, the web and mobile devices. It is interesting that this professional is familiar with at least one programming language.

Terminal security

This sector allows servers to communicate securely with terminals, which may include personal devices. Cybersecurity professionals are directly involved in developing and configuring protection platforms, ensuring that the terminals are compatible.

Do I need a diploma to work in cybersecurity?

Although it is not mandatory, depending on the company and the area of ​​operation, the diploma can make a difference. Computer or information technology courses can be the first step to give you a base of cybersecurity and facilitate the beginning of your career. In addition, professionals who have prior knowledge in the field usually have a higher starting salary.

After taking the more general courses, it is a good idea to specialize in issues more focused on cybersecurity. As we saw above, some sectors also require a certain level of knowledge in programming languages. So, keep this in mind before deciding which area of ​​cybersecurity you want to pursue.


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