Cyberpunk introduces the three origins for the character


CD Projekt RED has published a new gameplay trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 where it shows the three stories that we can choose from when starting the game.

CD Projekt RED has held today a new streaming on Cyberpunk 2077. Called Night City Wire 2, the event has served to show, among other things, the importance of narrative and the different paths that history can take depending on of our decisions. In fact, the first thing we will do when starting the game is to choose between three different origins for our character, in the manner of Dragon Age: Origins. We can be a nomad, a boy from the streets or members of a powerful corporation, “corpo”.

If we choose to be a nomad we will start under the heat of the desert, and more specifically in The Badlands, the dangerous territories that surround Night City. There we will be part of a clan, a kind of family that would do anything for us. And like all its members, we are freedom-hungry rebels. Missions with vehicles will be the order of the day, as well as bonfires in the light of the moon, dreaming of a better future. One of the first objectives that we will have as a nomad, for example, will be to enter Night City to help “our brothers”, and for that we must find out how to get around the different customs posts that surround the perimeter of the city.

Corpo, street child or nomad, what do you choose?

At the same time, the street boys move on horseback between nightclubs and gang fights. Always involved in arms, drugs and implants trafficking. Always illuminated by the neon lights of the city. We will be at a disadvantage against the police, whose lists we have been on for a long time, and before the power and weapons of large corporations, but in return we will get to know more in depth the suburbs of Night City, where one can find all kinds of jobs , friendships and ways to achieve what you want. Even if it is selling the soul to the devil. It will be the road that will make us spend the most time in the city and its underworld. “Those who are born here, die here.”

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Finally, being “corpo” guarantees us money, power and influence. We will go to bars full of alcohol and luxury. We will have access to state-of-the-art implants and unique weapons. We will even make decisions on which the lives of others depend. Our greatest enemy will not be the police, nor will it be the street gangs. Our greatest enemy are the secrets that we keep and must protect. An inordinate ambition and a circle of friends that lacks a heart. Plunged into a conspiracy to seize power, we will have to stop others from unseating us and do all kinds of dirty work for the corporation. For them we will face other companies, members of security equipped to the top, and even public opinion.


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