Cyberpunk 2077 will parody America’s gun culture


Night City society is used to violence, so all citizens carry their weapons in fear of being mugged. The second amendment to the United States Constitution allows citizens to own and bear arms, a constitutional right defended tooth and nail by those who think that gun in hand will be better able to protect themselves. Cyberpunk 2077, the new CD Projekt RED, tells a dystopian story within an extremely violent sci-fi world. Ben Andrews, coordinator of the concept art department, has recognized in an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine parallels between the culture of weapons in North America and that of the society of his new role-playing video game.

“One of the things we think about when it comes to guns is that Cyberpunk has a very open gun culture. It is different from the way weapons operate in our world. ” According to Andrews, “it’s like the gun culture in America” ​​has gotten even “crazier.” Thus, “everyone has a weapon because violence has spread to extremes. The idea of ​​you being mugged on the way home after work is extraordinarily common. ” In addition, it is not uncommon for thieves to break into houses, so everyone carries their weapon to safety.

Another of the parallels with American society is the ease with which you can get hold of a gun. For a very low price, it is possible to purchase the arsenal in stores 24/7. For this reason, many of the inhabitants of Night City buy and use them on the premise that they are disposable. Then they go back to their old ways and buy a new model.

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