Cyberpunk 2077 Will Be Considered “A Great Game In The Long Run,” Says CDPR


Cyberpunk 2077: The Polish study assures its science fiction title is the most ambitious they have done in all its years of history. That Cyberpunk 2077 had one of the most problematic launches of recent years in the field of high-budget games is a fact. The title was even removed from the PS Store due to its poor performance on PS4. However, the product has been improving over the months and CD Projekt RED is convinced that when it is analyzed in perspective it will end up being considered a good game. This was stated by Adam Kiciński, CEO of the company, in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

“Cyberpunk is the largest, most ambitious and complicated project in our 27-year history,” Kiciński commented. “In almost every aspect, we try to go a step further, just what we have done in every The Witcher game we have released.” According to the manager, designing and marketing a title for a new series involves numerous challenges and risks, “especially when the concept is complex.” He notes that they brought the city of Night City to life under a non-linear structure.

Despite the launch, they value in the long term

“We are proud of many aspects of the game, but as we know, not everything went well.” He highlights, yes, that the product, the universe and the characters they have managed to build have been well received by fans around the world. “We believe that in the long run Cyberpunk 2077 will be perceived as a very good game. As with other titles, it will be sold for years, especially considering that the hardware becomes more powerful over time, “which will be reflected in the improvements of the game.

Adam Kiciński recalled that they are immersed in the development of updates and the new generation version, scheduled for the first half of 2022. “The original launch taught us a lot. It was a touch and it has motivated us to make changes that will make us better in the future ”.

The executive has also referred to the delay of the new generation version. “It was difficult, but we are confident that it will be the right decision, as it was clearly recommended by our development team. We need extra time to adjust the graphics and performance, so that it reaches the highest quality ”, he concludes.

Cyberpunk 2077 is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. The game works on Xbox Series X / S and PS5 through backward compatibility.