Cyberpunk 2077: where are all the tarot cards of Misty


We explain how to locate Misty’s tarot card graffiti collectible in Cybepunk 2077, including the two secret cards.

A positive aspect of Cyberpunk 2077 is the quality of its secondary gigs: they delve into the history, the city and the characters who live in it. This time we are going to focus on << Everything is transformed >>, a job that we will unlock after finding any of the graffiti that we mention in the list. It won’t be as easy as getting all the vehicles, but it won’t be as difficult as collecting all the unique weapons. As part of this complete guide, we detail the location of all Misty’s tarot cards.

Misty’s Premonitions

There are 20 graffiti scattered throughout the city and all of them have a strong meaning linked to their location and plot, so it is worth locating them and returning to speak with Misty. We detail them in the following list:

  • El Loco (The protagonist): On the exterior wall of V.
  • El Carro (Determination, Path): On the wall next to Tom’s Diner, the restaurant where you meet Takemura at the end of Act 1.
  • The Magician (Capabilities, Resources): In the column that supports the elevated highway in front of the Lizzie’s.
  • The Empress (Fertility, communication): Near the entrance of the Afterlife.
  • The Emperor (Hierarchy, authority): At the entrance to Konpeki Plaza.
  • The Hierophant (Tradition, Alliance): Near where you meet Takemura after the prologue.
  • The Priestess (Silence, mystery): On the top floor of the building where Takemura’s shelter is.
  • The Hermit (Illumination, betrayal): Near the lair of the Sons of Voodoo.
  • La Fuerza (Courage): On the side of the building where we met for the first time with Panama.
  • The Wheel of Fortune (Change, luck): Under the sign of the Sunset motel.
  • Justice (Honesty, Fairness): In the cistern in front of the Electric Center Electric Corporation.
  • Los Amantes (Love, Attraction): Behind the screen of the Silver Pixel Cloud drive-in theater.
  • The Tower (Adversity, difficulties): In an underground passage at the base of the Arasaka Tower.
  • The Hanged Man (Sacrifice, wisdom): In a water tank in the oil fields.
  • Death (Mortal, Transition): Near Embers Restaurant.
  • The Moon (Deception, Illusion): On the outer wall of the residence from where you rescue Hanako.
  • The World (Travel, plenitude): On the balcony near Misty’s Esoterica.
  • El Sol (Power, success): At the foot of the building where V’s apartment is in the epilogue << God Mode >>.
  • La Estrella (Hope, optimism): At the base of the telecommunications tower in the middle of the solar farm.
  • Temperance (Moderation, balance): On one of the walls of the North Oak cemetery.


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