Cyberpunk 2077: the first DLC could finally be postponed!


According to our colleagues at Tomsguide, the first Cyberpunk 2077 DLC from CD Projekt could be postponed to a later date

Fans have been waiting for years. Indeed, Cyberpunk 2077 was as expected as GTA 6 from Rockstar. However, the Polish firm CD Projekt disappointed. And the word is weak when one realizes the catastrophe engendered with the release of the game last December. Many concerns leading to the postponement of the first DLC.

Indeed, those who played the game on the first PS4 and Xbox have no doubt felt betrayed. Betrayed because these consoles simply do not support the power required to play in good conditions.

But that, the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 were careful not to say. Simply distributing PC versions to the media to test the game. Because only the PC or PS5 and Xbox Series X versions remain correct.

Despite everything, many bugs remain present and tarnish the gameplay of a game that had to meet the expectations of many gamers …

To top it off, Cyberpunk 2077’s first DLC should also be delayed as we were letting you know. Originally scheduled for early 2021, we still do not know its release …


No doubt CD Projekt will first attempt to patch its horrible version released last month. Indeed, it is better to fix bugs, textures that do not display and all the other issues before considering giving more gameplay to your fans.

Something that should therefore happen to believe Tomsguide. The outlet, reporting: “, Cyberpunk 2077’s official website, continues to post a release for early 2021, however, considering the game’s current reception, a postponement would not be surprising. ”

Before adding: “This page has been live since the official game release last December. And has, a priori, not been updated since. It is therefore a safe bet that this first extension will be postponed to a later date. ”

So you will understand, we will probably have to arm ourselves with patience before having the first DLC of Cyberpunk 2077 …


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