Cyberpunk 2077 shows the wasteland in a new image


The title developed by the creators of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt offers a fresh look at the outskirts of Night City.

Not everything is skyscrapers and neon lights. Night City is the nerve center, the urban space where large corporations operate without scruples. There, violence is rampant, but it is covered with false visions. Technology, unbridled entertainment and business shape life in the city of Cyberpunk 2077. On the outskirts, however, everything is a little different. Not because of the lack of violence, which is present at all times, but because the wilderness makes everyday life even more complicated. It is a hostile territory full of gangs and other criminals, although they cannot be seen in the image that CD Projekt RED has just shared on the official Twitter account.

The work of the creators of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt takes us fully into a dystopia of society, in a science fiction story with all the usual ingredients of the genre. The developers have made it clear that despite its status as a first-person shooter, it is an RPG with all the letters. In fact, judging from the data for the Mandarin Chinese dub, the game has over 100,000 lines of dialogue. In addition, the localization work has yielded other interesting clues that allow determining the volume of the project compared to its previous title (between 15% and 20% larger than The Witcher 3 with all its expansions).

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