Cyberpunk 2077: See Comparison Between PS5, Xbox Series S/X and PC


Cyberpunk 2077: Last Monday (15), CD Projekt Red released Cyberpunk 77 update 1.5, which added native versions for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. As usual, many rushed to make visual comparisons. But considering the poor state of the game at launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it’s even more interesting to see how it runs on the new platforms.

The channel ElAnalistaDeBits published a video with just one of these comparisons, focusing only on the new generation. First, a division needs to be made: the PS5 and Series X versions have two visual modes (performance and ray-tracing), while the Series S only has one visual mode (no ray-tracing).

Both the PS5 and Series X operate at a resolution of 1440p (2560 by 1440 pixels), in both modes. CD Projekt Red says this is “dynamic 4K”, meaning the resolution would change depending on what’s happening, but the review says the 1440p mark is found in all areas tested. In the case of the Series S, the developer itself says that the resolution is 1440p and this is confirmed in the tests.

In terms of performance, all consoles hit their marks without notable drops. Performance mode runs at a steady 60 frames per second on Sony’s platform and Series X, while Ray-Tracing mode also achieves its goal (30 frames per second) stably. 30 frames per second is also a goal in the Series S version, which also hits the mark without any problems.