Cyberpunk 2077: refunds represent 0.5% of initial sales


Cyberpunk 2077: When Cyberpunk 2077 was finally released in December 2020, many people were disappointed with the title’s poor performance on various platforms and the lack of resources and mechanics promised by the developers. This led to a good number of fans asking for a refund, after all, many of them had pre-ordered the game.

Now that the situation has calmed down a bit, it is clear that there is at least some curiosity about how much these refunds affected the initial sales of Cyberpunk 2077. Fortunately, CD Projekt Red itself shared the concrete figures about this in their recent earnings reports.

According to the developer, they spent $ 2.23 million to return the money to consumers who had purchased the game. As they have always returned the full price paid by fans, this means that “only” 30,000 copies have been asked for a refund.

According to studio information, they sold 13.7 million copies of the game in 2020 alone, with the launch taking place in the second week of December. It is an absurd number, but it makes the amount of refunds even more impressive when we remember the commotion that the title problems caused in the same period.

It is worth bearing in mind that as these figures represent only the period of 2020, it is clear that the number of sales and refunds must have already grown considerably in the first four months of 2021. Still, it is very difficult to imagine that the returns have impacted the general profits or sales of CD Projekt Red.

With the financial issue so well resolved, one can only imagine that the company is running after reestablishing its reputation and gaining the trust of its fans again. Fortunately, Cyberpunk 2077 has received updates since launch and they are getting more and more substantial.

And you, do you think it is still possible for developers to win back their audience? Comment below what you think of the game in its current state and what still needs to be improved!


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