Cyberpunk 2077: Mod lets Judy romance with Male V


If you played Cyberpunk 2077 as a male V and were looking for love, you were probably disappointed to learn that you couldn’t date Judy. She was created as a lesbian character and is only open to romance when you create a female character. The story makes that intention quite clear, but some modders have found a way for the male version to have romantic relationships with Judy.

The scenes modified with the character also include full dubbing for the male version – which was already in the game’s archives. Check out the video from the FredrickFlower channel, which explains how to use the mod:

However, there are some irregularities in interpreting Judy’s novel as a male V. While you can see the silhouette of the male body in the sex scene, V’s hand grabs objects now and then. There is also a scene where Carol says to Judy and the male version of V: ​​”I let you girls do that”.

The “cut content” further reinforces the rumor that CDPR executives had pressured devs to remove content from the game. However, in response to the Eurogamer portal, a CD Projekt representative denied that this was the case, insisting that the male lines were only recorded “so that we could avoid missing something by mistake that would require future recordings”.

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