Cyberpunk 2077: Microsoft won’t uninstall it


Microsoft allows you to buy the game in its digital store, but warns that it could have performance problems until new updates arrive.

Cyberpunk 2077 has probably become the most controversial game of the year and it is that although its performance in compatible reaches a good level, this is not the case with its version for consoles. Bugs, corrupted games … Problems occur while CD Projekt works on various updates, although the Polish study assures that until spring the game will not be at its best on PS4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, returns are being offered on various digital platforms, Microsoft being the last to join this initiative, and although it has not removed the game from the Microsoft Store, as Sony has done, it does warn that it presents performance problems.

In this way, if we visit the game page in the Microsoft Store we will see a very clarifying message that warns that “users could experience performance problems playing this game on Xbox One until the game is updated.” Thus, it does offer the possibility of acquiring the game, but it does anticipate that all these problems that have been presented since Cyberpunk 2077 went on sale could occur.

Play and study problems

So eventful has the game’s launch been that, according to Bloomberg, CD Projekt executives have taken responsibility for their mistakes and will offer the appropriate incentives to employees, regardless of their review scores. Before this, the developers had received the news that if the reviews in Metacritic were positive, they would receive an economic bonus that, according to this news, they will also receive.

Thus, and despite its spectacular sales figures and achieving profitability practically from its first day in stores, we have learned that CD Projekt has lost no less than 1,000 million dollars in the game’s premiere. This resulted in a drop in the stock market of the Polish study that ended at an all-time low on Monday. Meanwhile, they continue to work to improve the stability of the game, so the update that will improve the game on PS5 and Xbox Series continues with an indeterminate date.


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