Cyberpunk 2077: it will be possible to heal organs


CD Projekt Red has already made it clear that Cyberpunk 2077 will bring several options for appearance and modifications for the main character, but perhaps the most peculiar “enhancements” of all are those aimed at replacing genitals.

Following the traditions created by the Cyberpunk 2020 table RPG, players who choose to create V as a man will be able to increase their libido using “Mr Studd”, which allows them to “enjoy” all night. For the female version, “Midnight Lady” or “Mrs Midnight” will be available.

“It’s like a cybernetic replacement for the vagina. In addition, it is possible to change the breasts and everything. And so, I think the male counterpart is Mr. Studd, who is also the genital replacement ”, explained Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, game’s director of missions.

However, the protagonist will not be the only one to be able to take advantage of these improvements, some NPCs, such as the members of the Moxes – gang made up of sex workers who left other groups to form a kind of their own union – will also use these changes.

“I think that to say that it is a gang of sex workers is too simplistic. I like to think of them basically as a union, which can protect its members, and who have their own territory and so on, ”explained Tomaszkiewicz in the last broadcast on Night City Wire.

In addition, the mission director also spoke a little more about the “Doll Houses”, a futuristic form of brothels that will be scattered throughout the city.

“Doll Houses are a very interesting concept. Imagine that the professional – the doll – can tune in to you, and fulfill your fantasies, deeply hidden desires and things that are so hidden in your subconscious – that you may not even think about them much. Some are also part of the Moxes and are bringing together different types of sex workers across the city, ”said Mateusz.

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