Cyberpunk 2077: how to get the best free car in the game


We detail how to get the Rayfield Caliburn, the best free car Cyberpunk 2077 and the one with the most acceleration for the Motorexia achievement

One of the most important factors when it comes to being the most striking netrunner in Night City is having a large arsenal of “bugas” or vehicles in our possession. Most can be bought from fixers in different areas for a large sum of Eurodollars. But, in this case and as part of our complete guide, we explain how to get the best free car in the game, the Rayfield Caliburn.

Rayfield Caliburn features and location

The Rayfield Caliburn is a hypercar valued at 146,000 Eurodollars that can be obtained completely free of charge by going to its location on the map and getting on it. It is the sports car with the highest acceleration of the title, and the unmistakable sound we hear when we drive it comes from the engine of the Lexus LFA, and its style fits within the neo-kitsch style. It was manufactured in 2070, weighs 1,670 kilos and has a power of 1,660 horses.

To achieve this we must go to the mine on the outskirts, east of Night City, where we carry out the mission with Panama that consists of taking revenge on Nash. It is inside a blue container, and we will have to get inside the vehicle to acquire it for free.

It is a two-door dome-shaped sports car that is faithful to the colors of the United Kingdom brand, although the free version that we can buy only exists in black. As we can see when we get on, the vehicle windows are tinted and intelligent: we can see the outside but passersby will not be able to interfere with the privacy of the driver. In addition, we will need to get hold of him to complete the Motorexia achievement.


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